Friday, June 10, 2011

Mothers lock up your daughters, and sons lock up your mothers, a blog is born!

Prepare for disaster world of the internet, here comes the first Paintbox Buffet topic. 

Failed Sesame Street characters. 

I'll leave this open to interpretation for the most part, but i will say, let's think about who wouldn't be a good role model for the kids. so i bring you...

Boy Scout Bobby

He's a boyscout obviously, or at least he was at one point. He didn't quite make the audition for Sesame Street. You can't really tell what his intentions are, but you CAN tell that you don't him around your kids.

Digital, 1 hour


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I censored myself: here's what I meant to say - what do you have against boy scouts, Ceja? What the F##K? I loved being a boy scout.

    I wasn't really.

    The pipe-cleaner limbs definitely make me think of the Muppets. Who's a better role model than a boy scout, though? A Boy Scout LEADER is creepy, for sure... I reckon he needs a pervy moustache and an erection.

  3. i agree, facial har and constant arousal= creepy.

    I wonder is this comes from a jealousy of NOT being a boyscout, haha.

    I'm thinking...not.