Monday, June 13, 2011

Failed Sesame Street Character - Ramona the Happy Hooker

Ramona the Happy Hooker

Not a 'failed character' as such, as Ramona lives and works on Sesame Street, but is rarely seen by other characters due to keeping hours that are not 'child-friendly' - a term that sums Ramona up pretty well. Producers of the show asked Ramona to refrain from plying her trade during daylight hours after a live taping of the show went awry, ending in a near-PR disaster for the show and a $10,000 fine for the show's star, Big Bird. Mr. Bird is currently on hiatus.

Although unseen, Ramona is occasionally mentioned by other characters on the show - her daughter, Abby Cadabra, who lives with her in a flophouse at the end of the street - and her pimp, Count von Count.


  1. Ramona do what Ramona wants... Or at least what he pimp wants.

    This fantastic. and terrifying. But i think she could of had just a LITTLE bit more chub hanging over those shorts.

    Well played.

  2. And i think you could of used some red in those high lights since she is directly underneath the lamp. but i also think it works without it.

  3. Yeah, I tried to keep the red light on the highlights (the lamp color was an afterthought), but you're right, they need to be pushed. Damn you Ceja!